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We're app devs now!

Good News

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After a 3 year long review process Ecothot has finally made it to the App Store as a developer. This means we can finally start adding climate science apps on the iOS store, and putting all of our knowledge to use. We’re excited to announce that some major projects are already in the works.

We wanna thank our Ecothot veterans (Free Loyalty Points)

If you’ve been following the Ecothot movement for a while and have purchased merch from us in the past your eligible for free rewards points. Login now with the account you used to purchase to view your Ecobucks, if you don’t have an account and brought something. Contact us.

We’re raising money for the next climate change game called “Polar Bear CIA” its already in the preliminary development stage. It be not only for iOS but for also be available on the desktop and Google Play Store. The money raised will be used for level design, character animations, ui menus, background music, concept art, game mechanics and code review. When round 1 is completed, the demo beta will be marketed on Kickstarter we’re we can get a more general audience for funding but we need your help to make the game look as good as possible before we market it to the public. Our goal for this is $4000. You can support the project by donating, buying merch or sending in clothes to be customized. Go to our shop for more details.

Fundraising for Development

Use promo code "ICEMAKER" for rewards points


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