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Love the Siberian TIGERS

Feed the Siberian TIGERS

Live for Siberian TIGERS

Respect for Siberian TIGERS

Enjoy the Siberian TIGERS

Take care of Siberian Tigers

Beware of Siberian Tigers

Take heed of Siberian Tigers

Shoot Siberian Tiger

Don’t Pursuit Siberian Tiger

Indecorous Siberian Tiger

Mean Siberian Tiger

Ferocious Siberian Tiger

Beastly  Siberian Tiger

Kill Siberian Tiger

Bleed Siberian Tiger

No More Siberian Tiger

- Donnella Scott


The Ecothot Fang Font is a versatile uppercase font that was developed in the wild by our scientist researching marine life within the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Use it within your education videos and photos to alert people of impending environmental disasters. 

Fang Font

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